Issue #7 Has Finally Arrived…

Greetings, Fellow Sophonts:

Another three months have flown by, and now I am proud to present to you Issue #7 of the Stellar Reaches fanzine. Riding in at 41 pages, this issue is packed with plenty of goodness for Traveller fans: a Traveller gaming article, an adventure set in the Empty Quarter, an unusual location and an Empty Quarter Echo article based on that locale, an alternate universe, a starship data article detailing a barge, a weapon’s locker article on flamethrowers, and a rather meaty biography column, which introduces new ships and their captains for your use in adventures and ship encounters. That’s eight different articles for your enjoyment.

You may download a copy of Stellar Reaches Issue #7 from the following location:
Issue #7, Spring 2007
Issue #7, Spring 2007 (zipped file)

We can also see that two new artists have come to the fore, presenting the Traveller community with some excellent new material: Thomas Leichssenring and v gray.

Travis Leichssenring works hard for his money as a chemist by day and a freelance artist by night. He started playing Traveller a little over 25 years ago, and you can see how it has influenced his artwork. He prefers doing sci-fi art and hopes to do a few book covers and graphic novels in the future. His currently projects include a graphic novel, inspired by his previous successes in selling his artwork to the advertising department of the company he works for, as well as work for an online role-playing game site. For more of his work, check out his website at:

v gray is a long time sci-fi and traveller fan, currently exiled in frozen northern Colorado, dreaming of balmy breezes, tropical beach resorts, and flocks of nubile bioroid handmaidens. His hobbies include: contemplating the perfect TL25 battlefleet, photography, improving his computer art skills from stick-figure to finger-paint level (or beyond, as we can see in this issue), wasting way too much time researching “stuff” on the internet, and upgrading his graphics software. He maintains a gallery of his work at:

As always, my friends, I wish to thank you all for your continued support of the Stellar Reaches fanzine. Without your continued contributions, we simply couldn’t do it, so once again I say “thank you, thank you, thank you” to each of the contributors for your efforts! With that in mind, please stop reading this intro and dive on into the good stuff. There’s a lot to enjoy with the latest issue!

Prepare To Jump,
Jason “Flynn” Kemp
Editor, Stellar Reaches fanzine

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