Stellar Reaches Art Contest: The Chamax…

Good Morning, All:

Things are moving along pretty well. I have a number of submissions for Issue #9 of Stellar Reaches, and I should have enough time to get that out sometime in the next four weeks. Yay! I even had a reminder of a submission that had been sent to me via snail mail that I had forgotten about. This next issue should be a good one. More details will be posted closer to its release.

In the meantime, I wanted to post about a new Stellar Reaches art contest.

As many of you may know, I am running some MGT events at Gen Con Indianapolis this year. One of them is entitled “Return of the Chamax”, an homage to the Chamax double adventure from Classic Traveller. As part of that adventure, I would like to create an in-character handout on the Chamax. I would love it if I could include a picture of the Chamax, in either warrior or maternal form, as part of that handout.

With that in mind, I’d like to start a art contest for this iconic Traveller creature. The goal of this art contest: To create an image of a Chamax, in either warrior or maternal form. It can be a drawing, a computer-rendered image, a photoshopped creation using real images, or what have you. I will choose the one most appropriate for a Top Secret dossier, and use it in the Gen Con handout. The handout will also be released online as part of a Stellar Reaches issue (which will also include the adventure “Return of the Chamax”). As always, you retain the copyrights to your images, and I only seek permission to include it in the handout and in the Stellar Reaches issue that will contain the adventure.

This image must be submitted to me via email by Noon CST on June 19, 2008, to be considered. (That’s one month from the posting of this contest.) My email addy is: [jason .flynn.kemp ~AT~]. If you want to share your work online, I’m cool with that, and I’m sure that other Traveller fans would enjoy seeing it. However, if you want to keep it private, you can do that, too.

Runner-up images will also be considered for Stellar Reaches publication, with the explicit written permission of the submitter. It’s a good way to get your name out there, if you’re interested, and it’s a lot of fun. Consider the fact that the last art contest I ran for Stellar Reaches only drew in three entries, and I imagine your odds are pretty good that you’ll get selected.

Thank you for your time and interest, and I look forward to seeing your version of the Chamax!

With Regards,

BTW, while a good description of the Chamax can be found in the Classic Traveller Double Adventure “Chamax Plague/Horde”, essentially picture them as ten-legged giant arachnids with antennae, IIRC. Should anyone wish to post a better description here, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. knirirr says:

    As it happens I am in the middle of running “Horde” at the moment, so a further expansion involving these creatures will be most welcome. The PCs are all Darrians in this campaign.
    The hunter form depicted in the book shows a rather unpleasant mouth rather like an iris valve, surrounded by small tentacles, with no sign of sensory organs. Unfortunately I lack any kind of artistic skill and so cannot provide a picture of them.

  2. Hi Flynn, when is the next issue due out, we’re all desperate to see it.


    Commander Drax

  3. Donald H says:

    I’m just echoing Commander Dax here.

    Clear sky’s


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