PDF Generators for Sector & Subsector Data

Joshua Bell, the brains behind the glorious Traveller Map site, has reminded me of his PDF map generator. It is capable of creating both sector and subsector maps, at a variety of scales, using .sec data – such as that used by Galactic 2.4.

For those who just want a quick fix, try the Zhodani Base’s 1001 Subsectors utility (linked to Freelance Traveller’s site). You can generate a random set of subsector data, save the output as a postscript file, then convert it to a nifty PDF file – one quick conversion site is here.

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2 Responses to PDF Generators for Sector & Subsector Data

  1. Jeff Zeitlin says:

    The link that you have to BeRKa’s Zho Base via the Freelance Traveller software page (http://dime64.dizinc.com/~freetrav/infocenter/swlist/others.html) probably doesn’t work; that looks like the old Electrasystems URL-rewrite target for the mirror. A better link to use would be http://www.freelancetraveller.com/infocenter/swlist/others.html for the main site, or for the mirror (noting that the mirror URL is a URL-rewrite; the homepage for the mirror can be reached at http://freelancetraveller.downport.com).

  2. alvinplu says:

    Thanks for the head’s up, Jeff! The link has been fixed….

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