Colonist Wanted

As usual, the very first skill a new colony needs is a terraformer farmer agricultural specialist, who can get more food to grow.

From the comments, I gather that deciduous trees (which lose their leaves), worms to improve the soil, and a way to shift from animal-dependent to plant-dependent methods.

Still no internet, so I won’t be going. (And I totally lack the skill sets needed!)

The Traveller applications should be easy to spot.

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4 Responses to Colonist Wanted

  1. Andrew says:

    I can guess what the first thing the new agronomist will say.

    “We need more shit.” (Or offal.)

    Followed by: “We need more walls.”

    Farmers will understand that statement.

    So too the people who read Lois McMaster Bujold’s “Barrayar” series.

    And unless they are willing to hot-tunnel their gardens, the chances of creating a varied sustainable agriculture for domestic use are very low. Cold climate, high winds, and sudden heavy storms don’t allow for development of fruit-bearing plants. Climate-controlled covered ground is the minimal required for food growing in marginal climates (or atmospheres.)

    This island, and other island-states (such as those in Micronesia) are a good example of what it really takes to keep a small, low-tech, settlement alive. Game Refs might want to read about homesteading, also.

  2. Alvin Plummer says:

    Good comments – especially the Barrayar business. So many great books, so little time!

  3. Andrew says:

    To see what is required to live ‘on the edge’, check out the TV show ‘Railroad Alaska.’

    For Traveller, convert the homesteaders into low pop worlds and the Railroad to the local Sub-Merchie.

    And they say TV is bad for your brain…

  4. Alvin Plummer says:

    Educational TV – you get it when you can!

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