The Cheollima Group

An interesting model for a Traveller Intervention association, perhaps tied to transporting refugees and fleeing families from Zhodani or Solomani Space, to the safety of the Imperial worlds.

The man claiming to be Nam’s son in the latest video doesn’t talk about the whereabouts of his family or how they were being protected. The video was posted on the YouTube channel of Cheollima Civil Defence, which describes itself as a group helping North Korean defectors.

The group said on its website that it responded to an “emergency request” last month by three members of Kim Jong Nam’s family and relocated them to safety. The group expressed gratitude to the Netherlands, China, the United States and a “fourth government to remain unnamed” for providing assistance in protecting the three.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry said it had no knowledge of the Cheollima group.

I especially like the ties to various helpful governments, including the “fourth government to be unnamed”. In Traveller, that could well be various corporations, Noble Houses, or NGOs (religious or ethnic, most likely).

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